Hospice Volunteers

Our volunteers are truly what make us unique at Cornerstone Hospice. These special people give of their time, heart and creative gifts to take the journey with a hospice patient. We always hear from our volunteers that they receive so much more from our patients than they give. Our patients are so filled with gratitude that the volunteer takes the time out of his or her busy life to just spend time in conversation at the bedside or helping out the family. If you feel your heart is calling you to volunteer for hospice, please contact us.

You would be a friendly visitor who may come to sit with the patient to talk, to read a book, to play music, to do the laundry, to cook a meal, or just to relieve the family members for a couple of hours. Just be creative, what could you give? The volunteer is a smiling face, comforting voice, a warm listener trained with knowledge in end-of-life care. Many times you are the last friend a person makes in the last chapter of his or her life. You have a chance to be there for a person who may or may not have family close by to visit on a regular basis. Or you maybe a real lifesaver for the exhausted wife who is being a caregiver and just needs a few hours to herself. You can give her that gift by being a trusted friend willing to just be there when she needs you.

Sometimes the volunteer can be a pet therapist who brings a loving pet to the bedside to comfort. A volunteer might help record a life review interview or help write an ethical will. The vigil volunteer is specially trained to sit vigil with the patient and family at the end of life, to ensure no one dies alone, and that the family has the support, knowledge of someone who is an experienced guide into what often feels like unknown territory. . .

Thank you for your willing, giving heart

If you feel your heart is calling you to volunteer for hospice, we have many opportunities for giving back to your community through volunteering.


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